What Does Pheromone Usage Really Mean?

What does this really mean: it means I could fall in love with a caviar girl who adore pheromone usage… and might even keep liking her even if she goes older etc… I can totally see that happening one day * … I’m not the BEST MAN in the world … hot girls just like me and how I make them feel more than most anyways with natural pheromones… – Practicing to score girls that are ugly both inside and outside will have little positive transfer in real life (in fact, it might have the opposite)… at best it keeps you from being sexual needy (which is a good first goal for some)… And sure use practice princesses before you go for the queen – but you know what I mean:

You don’t become a gourmet chef working a MC Donald’s, not even if you flip burgers day in and day out using cheap pheromoens… Having a high standard is one of the most important things in order to get external pheromones success: Sure running the 5 km local race will get you running (which is a start), but it won’t make you win the Olympic … to do that you need bigger ambition’s … And so it is with everything in life … our standards is half of what dictates what we get *only half*… Learn more at http://infospeak.org/?p=160

I actually semi-agree with Zgod, hot women is totally different and somehow easier to get and deal with … depending on what kind of man you are … but hot confident women often likes me allot more than ugly girls do … hot girls are never impolite to me and never gets into fights with me, ugly girls often is, and they want to argue with me to get my attention for pheromone users … – Fucking up the market: so some ugly chicks get to feel hot … that’s a good thing … you don’t have to fuck more of them because of it … there is plenty of men that will … wanting girls to feel like they are low value is only interesting if you are a loser *or chubby chaser* (not judgeing).. Become complacent: sure that actually happens to most guys … they will settle therefore never get what they really dream of … but it don’t HAVE to happen! If it makes you hate women you are a loser, period! You are not, so who cares what pheromone you like.There are 5 main ways to actively challenge someone in a way that elicits a positive response (being annoyingly demanding or bitchy is a challenge but no one likes you, and you smell weird:1. Barriers – Think of Romeo and Juliet, now it’s a challenge for them to be together and automatically more desirable2. Push‘s (or takeaways or releases) after a pull – “What’s your favorite downtime activity?“ She answers. You listen. This is you doing a pull, conveying some interest. Learn more about pheromones at http://www.kiwibox.com/nicolascas/blog/entry/124200159/her-pheromones/ and http://mpommett.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1.html

Then when she’s done, you say “THAT’S your downtime activity? ‘shakes head‘ And I such high hopes for you,” Really some type of playful disapproval.3‘ Disqualification — Telling a girl who’s blonde how your weakness is brunettes‘4. Competition — In negotiations, you always let the other side know who else is bidding on you, or interested in you. Lots of demand for you and social proof automatically makes you a challenge.5 Limiting Availability — your time, your attention, your products. People tend to intuit the more valuable your time is to you, the more valuable you are.

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