Pheromones Are Chemical Attractants

By definition, pheromones are chemical attractants that attract the opposite sex.
Where it concerns sex pheromones and lovemaking, this doesn’t mean adding a position to the Kama Sutra or getting a woman’s body part named after you. It simply means showing up in a state of sexual openness and being willing to follow the impulses and opportunities that arise. It’s like the difference between having a travel itinerary mapped out and driving without a specific destination. 
A woman wants to be taken and swept into lovemaking with her pheromones. If she can track your every move, her mind and her body cannot surrender. If you’re like a lot of men, you try to figure out how to get to the goal and then do those one or two things repetitively. This is not only annoying, but a woman’s body becomes resistant to what she recognizes as routine. Your efforts to “succeed” can actually force her to put up walls of physical protection and refuse sex according to and
· It’s the feminine desire and hope to be distracted from her relentless mind. It’s the only way for her to truly let go. You don’t have to come up with fifty new positions or hang her from a chandelier to achieve this. You need only to learn to respond presently and creatively (and then notice what arises when you aren’t trying out canned routines). What happens when you’re daring? When you get an impulse and you act on it without human pheromones thanks to
· To be creative, you need to let go of that safe outcome. You have to drop the need for her orgasm, and even for yours. While women love orgasms, your insistence on them and predictable ways of achieving them rob sex of its mystery. I can’t tell you how many orgasmic women I’ve coached who were bored out of their minds with their lovers. Don’t assume orgasm is the end-all and be-all. For too many men, it’s a creative crutch.
· In order to open to your creative intelligence, you need to engage your senses. Look and listen as you never have before. Let thoughts fall away and do not rely on them. They will only lead you astray.
The Dark Side of the Pheromones
Paul had a reputation in the North Bay Tantra Community as the “Enlightened Samurai Cocksman.” It was not a name given in admiration or out of respect to pheromone oerfume attraction. The fact that a spiritual teacher was being mocked as some kind of porn star did not bode well for Paul. More importantly, it was blight on the community already struggling with a troubled identity by wearing pheromone cologne.
Paul had slept with several of his students, I would learn, but one woman in particular, feeling disregarded by Paul, brought her story to a powerful group of women in the community and demanded that something be done with the pheromones. Paul’s mentor was immediately contacted (the man who he taught with), and a meeting was scheduled. It was determined that several key things needed to happen to cleanse the community of Paul’s wrongdoing and deal with Paul’s issues; among those was getting Paul some help.

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