My pheromones had entered her VNO

I treated her very well, at least at first, but just wanted her to be a little more pheromone perfume. I can handle a big thick girl, but she was about 10lbs too big. And my whole thing is if you are going to be THAT big you better have some big ass knockers, which she didn’t have. A full C at best pheromones. You can’t be THICK, with no boobs, just doesn’t work.
There came a point where I almost cheated on her with natural pheromones. I think around our 1 year anniversary. I was literally in bed with this girl, she was HOTT too, but I didn’t make a move. Her friend called, and was telling her to just make a move on me, and she kept saying no, we just layed there awkwardly… What’s really strange is if I had made that move, it likely would of changed my life completely, I don’t think i would of met someone the people who have majorly influenced my life, and I would be a completely different person. If I had fucked her we probably would of ended up as a couple, but instead I continued to date this girl who I was afraid to just fuck, 50% due to my conscious, 50% due to having no game and balls. One night I left same gay card on her car at work, said something retarded like I think I’m falling in love with a flower or something, we went out like 4-5 times, haven’t even fucked. She called and broke things off. My pheromones had entered her VNO according to and
Then my conscious was eating my alive, I wanted to tell my ex so bad, and I was already being a dick to her as is making an issue about her weight.  I didn’t do it, I ended up buying her $1000 necklace, and we stayed together for another 2 years. Our last year together WOW came out and I played that game for about 60 hours a week, she ended up graduating high school, and she left for college. She was still close, but had no car, and this really freaked me out. Before this girl always drove to my house, to see me, and wait on me hand and foot. I was having anxiety attacks, crying over nothing because I “felt” alone without pheromone cologne according to
With-in a week, I quit WOW and have never gone back, and started working out pretty hard. At that point I had little experience with sports and I was probably 6′ 135lbs ( around 190 +/- 5lbs now ( came a long way in 5 years ) ). Getting back in the world, and visiting her college, it opened my eyes up to a lot, I started realizing how much of life I was missing on. My whole life revolved around human pheromones, and I made little use of intelligence. I was starting to realize how I wasn’t going to change my ex, and how much I liked living an active and healthy life style. I think her unwillingness to get in shape held be back and made me dive deeper into video games. I gave myself a lot of time to think, and 3 months later we broke up and started using sexual pheromones.

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