Foods to Avoid with Diverticulitis

There are several kinds of diverticulitis foods to avoid if you got a diverticulitis. Bad eating is a main reason that cause diverticulitis attack. That is why you should really know more about diverticulitis foods to avoid.

There are a good list of diverticulitis foods to avoid. If you want to improve your health, you should avoid foods that will be mentioned in this article. Generally, a suggested diverticulitis diet is low in fiber and liquid diet. Now, let us take a look at diverticulitis foods to avoid as follow.

Corn and it’s product. Corn products such as popcorn and corn flour are diverticulitis foods to avoid. Spicy foods and chili peppers are also another kind of diverticulitis foods to avoid. Those are really bad for patients who suffer diverticulitis.

Junk food such as pizza, fried food and burger should be in your list of diverticulitis foods to avoid. Processed foods and refined foods such as white flour and white rice should not be taken when you suffer diverticulitis.

Another kind of diverticulitis foods to avoid are nuts, pumpkin, sesame seeds, dried fruits such as raisins. Those mentioned above are diverticulitis foods to avoid because they will affect the difficulty of the digestive system.

One thing you should avoid beside kind of diverticulitis foods to avoid is Stress. You should be more relax and calm because stress can affect your digestion. Try to do some physical exercise in order to refresh your body and mind so that you can get out of diverticulitis problems.

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