Your Pheromone Thoughts

Once you have been through this, it’s time to make sense of your feelings. People that have been through this usually fall into two camps: 1. The Victim 2. The Apologizer and Fixer The Victim Resist the temptation to be the victim. It’s okay to do what you need to do at the beginning of the breakup, but beyond the time limit you set yourself, you need to consider how being the victim is going to bring your ex back. 
Sure, you may feel as though you have been wronged by your ex, and you may feel as though they are the ones that need to put the effort in and convince you that they have made a mistake and should get back together, but that’s not why you are here.  Use pheromones to make yourself more attractive. Check out pheromones at 
You are here because you want to find ways to get back with your ex. That’s where everything in this book is going to help you achieve that goal. Being the victim, eliciting sympathy from others, telling people about the stress, heartache, and hurt that you have been through is not going to bring you closer to achieving this goal. You don’t need sympathy with human pheromones.  Learn more about pheromones at
Others feeling sorry for you isn’t going to get your ex back. Additionally, the sympathy others feel for you will only take you so far, then it’s time for you to act and move on. Do you want to get your ex back? Like I have pointed out before, even though it may not seem like it, when a relationship or a marriage breaks up, both of you end up suffering. Consider the fact that you may both be victims in this .. that you are both suffering from low pheromones. 
What Will Happen if You Become the Victim? If you allow yourself to be the victim, people are going to want to be on your side. People are going to empathize, and people are going to feel sorry for you. An unfortunate reality is that when the sympathy is over, those people will go home to their husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, glad that their life is not like yours. Learn more at
Pheromones will be detected in your VNO. Being the victim is a self-serving feeling, but it does nothing for helping get your relationship back. Don’t ask for sympathy. Ask for help. If you need support to get back on track emotionally, spiritually, and physically, accept offers for help and ask for help where applicable. But you will find that people are more willing to help those that can help themselves. Let their help strengthen and bolster you, and be useful. Sympathy simply doesn’t get things done. 
What Will Happen if You Resist the Temptation to Become the Victim? If you resist the temptation and decide to get on with it and focus on positive ways to get over this and get your ex back, people are going to empathize with your pain but they are also going to respect you. You may even surprise them with your pragmatic attitude and sense of empowerment. People will feel inspired to help you because you have a clear goal: You want your ex back. 

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