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Male supplements are everywhere. And their DNA is pretty protected. But what starts to falter or get harder is the mitochondria for that egg to grow. That all comes from the woman in the beginning. And the mitochondria has to grow the egg enormously until it’s the biggest cell in the body. And it’s a lot of work for Vigrx Plus users.  Learn more at and  
And the mitochondria have been and been in the egg that same length of time, a really long time. So they’ve been damaged by oxidative stress and whatever we’re exposed to. They also need nutrition. We’ll talk about that. They need nutrition from the blood and oxygen, like we talked about. So there are some things we can do to enhance it. But when an egg gets older, especially like as we get in to our 40s it’s gone through some stuff about male enhancement. Check out learn more.  
So there are some things we can do to enhance it. Again, in the news—I don’t know if you heard about that—but in Europe they do a procedure where they can put mitochondria of different person, a younger women, in your egg to help the egg grow. So, it’s not you were genetic material for the baby. It’s just genetic for the mitochondria. So they’ve been doing that in Europe. And they haven’t done it here. And there’s another controversy going on, “Oh, it’s this weird science or whatever.” But to me it’s not really. It’s just like a way to help older women like have an egg that can do its job better. And, yeah, there isn’t really a mix of DNA. It’s just DNA for the mitochondria. It’s not DNA for the baby. So I got a little off track there. But, yeah. So the egg is older. And then for men, they’re making sperm all the time, which is good. But their testosterone is maybe lower libido. Their oxidative stress is higher. They’re not getting a nutrition they need. Maybe they have some digestive issues.
Yeah. So I’m going give you kind of some official numbers from the CDC. So they say 11 percent of women experience infertility or inability to carry pregnancy to term. Some people say like 1 and 8. It’s around the same number. And the causes will be 30 percent female, 30 percent male and 40 percent mixed like both parties or unexplained libido boost with Vigrx Plus. And then digging in a little deeper than that for female infertility—this according to Stanford’s website—30 percent is caused by ovulatory disorders, basically hormonal, so something we can do something about. Twenty-five they say is due to tubal disorders, which I was a little surprised to see, but also something that can be worked on. Ten percent endometriosis. This is a complicated one. This is a little bit case by case. 10 percent, I was surprise to see this, abnormally developed uterus, which is probably on the rise with some of the toxins that we’re experience or exposed to in the womb.

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