Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

There are many different versions of e-cigarettes. Buying an e-cigarette can be a simple task, or it can be daunting, depending on which brand, make, and model you come across in your search.

Like any other product out there, there are always some outliers that decide to really “soup up” the product and do different customizations and modifications, but for our money, there is nothing better than the original, simple e-cigarettes.

We’ll talk about the most simple e-cigs and get into more complex versions, and try not to create too much confusion.

The disposable electronic cigarette

Available at retail stores, gas stations, convenience marts, and pretty much anywhere you can get a soda or a cigarette, the disposable vapor cigarette is a for use and then can be thrown away.

These last about the life of one or two packs of cigarettes, depending on which brand you come across, but the model is always the same. You use it until it runs out of juice, and you throw it away.

Most Popular type:

The starter kit and refill cartridge model.

This is what most people buy, and it’s what we recommend everyone to get the full experience and be able to not have to constantly shop for an e-cig and go back to the store to get another once it’s gone and used up.

With a starter kit, what you do is buy a kit that has everything you need to re-charge your e-cigarette battery, maintain your device, and unless you buy from some terrible offer, you always get an ample amount of cartridges to get going.

Often times these have carrying cases, portable chargers, and other goodies, depending on which kit you choose. With this option, you only have to buy refill cartridges, which are extremely cheap compared to real cigs, to keep using your electronic cigarette.

Off the Wall & Exotic:

If you are looking for something a little on the edgy side, Joyetech makes a version of e-cig called the “ego.” These are commonly known as “tank systems,” and they are used in tandem with e-liquids sold in bottles that make it a little trickier for the average user to get into vapor cigarette smoking.

This is because you have to fill up each cartridge, which is a little bit tedious, but hey, you open yourself up to a whole wide range of juices with flavors like cherry limeade, root beer, poppa smurf, and others, and even further savings when you refill.

It’s pretty crazy all the wild varieties they make in e-liquids. There are a number of options in refilling it, as there are cartomizers (like standard e cig cartridges), atomizers and tank systems.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

This may seem like a stupid question to pose on our website, but we get asked this via email on just about a daily basis.

Do they work?

Absolutely. This is why we started this website. We are so enamored with e-cigs and the way they work to help people have a smokeless, ash-free smoking experience all while not causing a big stinky odor that we started this website to help people find the best e-cig brands.

How do they work is another question. Basically, they work by emiting water vapor through an atomized cartridge, or atomizer for short, and they allow the user to draw liquid steam via combustion through the cigarette, mimicking the motion and affects of a ‘real’ cigarette.

They have worked for us, and we’ve kicked the butt, so to speak. We now smoke e-cigs exclusively.

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