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There is a line item here called COGS. What does 1.25 mean? I want to talk about a very important subject today, and that is going to be the financial statements. Ok does that accounting equation stay in balance? In order to answer the question, “What is Accounting?” I’d like to start with what is not. So that’s piece of advice number one, invest in public companies. The world is facing difficulties today in balancing the finance. “Lavatories – STAMEN – PISTIL – Unfortunately, Morris is an accountant at the Botany Institute; not a biologist.

The total amount of accounts receivable is $50,000. List all past dividends paid as well as losses. We total those and cost of goods sold is $7000.

In this video shows the financial accounting: Notes receivable journal entries.

That was mandatory in order to be able to take my exam for the Ordre de comptables agréés du Québec. Well, throughout this article I will be contrasting the differences between the two. It wears out over time, but it’s a fixed asset. When you maintain proper records, it provides assistance in yearly financial transactions and report preparations.

And then we started learning transaction analysis and now last lecture we started talking about creating the financial statements. We’re going to put up the name and the idea. Accounts receivable is for money that is owed to us from our customers. Finally, the lower of cost or market rule can be applied to the entire inventory, as I did in these examples. This is your new buddy the accounting equation, What is the accounting equation?

They are the benefit a company receives from their business operations. Let’s make it 10% interest. What I have to do is often sporadic, so it changes. I list a column for dividends in arrears And finally I list the actual common stock dividend.

Some of the more common items are bank collections, interest revenue banks service charges and fees, EFT payments NSF checks and book errors. In addition, shareholders’ equity is actually listed before liabilities and liabilities are in reverse order, meaning that its noncurrent liabilities before current liabilities. Numbers are going to go on columns B and C And I need to format so my numbers all look the same. Now, there are also internal users, these are the people that work at the company such as, managers, or the sales staff, or the internal auditors. And actually, in this video, we’re going to see how the income statement relates to the balance sheet.

IntuitI Quickbooks coupons from BusinessGrayMatters will determine the format for your accounts. Because it has a debit balance, it reduces equity. Investors and creditors do not have an unlimited supply of cash so they have to choose who gets it and who does not.

These video tutorials account explain the financial accounting.

They want the Hershey chocolate bar or the Cadbury chocolate bar or the See’s Candy. Going back I want you to do your homework before you watch the lecture now this is not the Connect homework, but the regular homework. At this point the accounting equation is not in balance because 200,000 does not equal 150,000. Now the opposite is also true.

They tend to not have resources to hire extra personnel to ensure proper separation of duties or highly-trained, competent employees generally speaking. Barbara talked about the appendices to this. Therefore, at the same time the organization can save time and money and can get a better service. So Cash is debited for $15,000 and Common Stock is always credited for its par-value, which in this case is also $15,000. Does that make sense? You know that 3% interest rate every year for the next 10 years. In brief, the income statement generally offers a presentation on how the provider has gotten the money and how money has been spent.


Finally, if we were completing a Perpetual Inventory Record, you can see the purchases are entered in the purchase columns. The result of these additions and deductions from the bank statement balance is an adjusted cash balance. They’re just people who can help you do your homework even if you’re taking this as an online or telecourse.

Generate business reports like sales/purchase/order report, ledger report, company expenses report and other similar reports related to the company’s financial status. Finance is an integrated segment of your purchase and sale. Accounts receivable is for money that is owed to us from our customers. So it is actually a better reflection of what you did it that month. Under the Average-Cost inventory, businesses compute an average cost per unit.

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