Pheromones are the truth

Pheromones are the truth. Because it’s likely that he’s become an expert on it now – or that he is on the way to becoming one. So, ask him about his work.  Because no matter how significant you think you are, it doesn’t last, does it? It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how strong you are, how tall you are, how good  are sex pheromones. Check out pheromones at
You are looking you are, there’s always someone who is better, smarter, stronger, taller…. Especially in our digital age – we have facebook now, which gives us a much faster way to comp are to our neighbors and feel instantly insignificant. Let’s get one thing straight, shall we? Learn more about pheromones at 
People who are constantly looking for ways to feel significant, to feel worthy of love because they do not feel worthy and confident inside, are in pain. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with wanting to be significant. Not at all! Significance is a human need. It’s in our biology. But it’s the people who already have great, positive vehicles through which they feel significant (so they don’t have to run around seeking it all the time), are more fulfilled with natural pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at 
 A positive vehicle might be using the last two needs, the spiritual needs – for example, a lot of men feeling significant by contributing to their wife and family. Providing for them, and taking care of their needs. Some men might feel significant by donating to a worthy cause anonymously. That is a vehicle that is positive. On the other hand, another man could go and kill someone to try to feel significant. A totally different vehicle, isn’t it ? So, a man who feels significant just being himself – and feels he ALREADY has significance is far more resourceful, and happy. Imagine a man who needs the attention of many women all the time for sex pheromones . Is he really  meeting his need for connection: with sex pheromones.
For How to meet his need for Love/Connection: – Here is the most important one. And it’s a mindset. Remember that, inside, your man just wants to be loved. Remember, he was a little boy once, and that little boy is still inside somewhere. He wants love, too. So remember that behind those actions he takes – like asking for sex or anything he does that seems insensitive, that he actually is a human being who wants to experience love. Just having this mindset alone will mean that you show up completely differently as a woman in his life, and he will feel far more connected to you, instead of feeling you doubting his INTENTIONS. Which bring me to my next example of natural pheromone production in men.
This is one of those hardwired contribution triggers in men. When they see a woman in need who is also vulnerable, they can’t help but to step in and give their hand. – Helping a friend or family member in need with manly stuff. This is a woman who gave up herself to help thousands of people in need for more pheromones.

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