Pheromone Production

So anyhow, we tried to get into human pheromones and that wasn’t going to happen…so I suggested pheromones get this gals number then we’ll head out of the queue, whilst he was doing that I engaged the set behind…it was a 3 min thing but she seemed it sufficient to kiss me on the cheek uninvited as I left…I was going to pivot over to her friend…if we had stayed in the queue…lol. Anyhow, we went back into Mortimers bar and decided to run some direct game…this was fucking completely out of my comfort zone, so fucking ridiclously amazingly fucking out of my fucking ridiclously fucking comfort zone. You get the pheromone scents delivered. We decided to run the Apocalypse opener, I don’t usually do canned openers…but I figured I’d make an exception to unscented human pheromones. Anyhow the pheromone production lines are: Hey, hows it going? What you up to later? [one set] How about you come back to mine? [two set] How about you come back to mine for a threesome? Learn more at and mean, I know that I can deliver this shit, I’m a fucking cool dude with some good game, in pretty good shape and pretty good looking overall I’m a good 10. But doing this pheromone oil is killing me inside. Altitudes goes first: A: He gets: “sorry we’re both in a pheromones relationship”..and then he continues with something along the lines of thats great. M: I go next and get “Sorry” A: “No thank you” M: “I don’t like threesomes” at this point…I’m fucking shitting myself…I’m pretty sure that I could have gotten something out of myself if I had just stuck with it…the fake blonde on my right…its buying…shes buying…and the girl on my left, needs a little convicing by her friend then it could have been good to go…at least…I could have ran a normal set from there on in…but i didn’t I bailed…I shouldn’t have…but it got to me….anyhow, I know for nxt time. My last set, I downed down the directness and said hey I noticed you found you fucking hot so I figured I’d come and talk with you…I figure i should have just gone apocalypse with pheromone production. It didn’t go well what so ever…I didn’t follow through with any chit chat, I followed up with questions which wasn’t good. Anyhow. I pushed myself through my comfort zone. Day 2’ed this gal I met on the bus when it was snowing – talking with her for 40mins approx. Number closed, time bridged and arranged to meet up this Sunday evening. I will be wearing a bottle of Pherazone Ultra pheromones for men. She’s older than me by a year and a bit I find out…boys what is it with me and slightly older women? I’ve only actually made out with one girl younger than me. She wasn’t as hot as I remember, and her breasts weren’t as big as I would have liked…but I was determined…get as far as you can fucking motheringly get! So that was my game plan regarding the human pheromones. Learn more at

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