Interesting Pheromone Response

When I’m reading your human pheromones response I’m reminded of that I have a hard time grasping concepts that I solely understand on an intellectual basis. It’s an interesting response and idea. But I do have a lot of apprehensiveness towards it, because I noticed that whenever I learn an idea solely intellectually in this domain, then I will misunderstand how I should apply it. I’ve burned myself too many times on this. On the other hand, if I learn the idea through meditation first (or simultaneously as a concept), then I do understand how to apply the idea. Learn more at will keep the idea in mind though that natural pheromones do work and do exist. It would be too simplified for me to say that I only experienced fear in that moment. Having feelings that are akin to butterflies feel more like I’m on some happy pills. Feeling like a 12 year old who was in ‘love’ would be a more accurate description actually. It could be that there was an element of fear in whatever I was feeling, but it was not the ‘main pheormonal component’. But it could have transformed into fear, normally it would have (years ago). But it didn’t, because I just observe what I’m feeling true pheromone attraction. When I do this, then the concept of that particular feeling fades away and what remains is just the feeling — without language, particular sensations at particular intensities in my body. Intuitively I know what is happening, but I couldn’t communicate it into language. When I did this, I didn’t feel like a 12 year old who was in ‘love’ anymore. I just felt whatever it was what my body was doing, and it was quite intense, and distracting since I was trying to focus on my thesis. The intensity of it made me curious, hence the pheromones approach. It is an interesting point to accept your edge. I view this (perhaps a bit mistakenly) as accepting whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Currently for me accepting literally means just observing, just feel, nothing more (i.e. no concepts or language) and nothing less (i.e. trying to stop feeling what you feel). Now that I think of it, currently I hold the view that: Pheromone acceptance of feelings = observing the sensations of feelings Something Completely Different (about maintaining practice vs. practicing a lot) Small note: continuity of practice is more important than the amount of practice. Here’s why. I’m just practicing for a week, but my sensitivity levels almost give me the feeling already that I’ve been in a meditation retreat that I did three and four years ago. I did not expect this with the VNO pheromones. I read a text about human pheromone perfume and I instantly started doing it. It’s interesting, because I was never so aware before that I could have enough attention to meditate while doing something else at the same time. I did notice that the experience has less potential to get really focused, but it was a lot more focused than a wandering mind. Learn more at

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