Car Insurance If Not Registered Keeper

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Now, car insurers aren’t stupid and insurance markets have developed in order to reduce moral hazard problems. This is why we have excesses (deductibles) and no-claims bonuses – paying an excess or losing a no-claims bonus puts some of the financial burden of any accident back on the driver and increases the financial incentive for driving safely. This is also why driving illegally usually voids an insurance policy.

Now, here’s the messy part. You have three different entities you need to deal with here: Eurocar, Amex, and your insurance. Each may have different rules about notice. For example, some rental policies require you to notify the rental company immediately when you’ve had damage. The reason for this policy is that if you drive a damaged car without telling them, and make it worse, they will hold you to the extra damage. Your insurer may also have a similar requirement, as may amex. Since you have a fairly significant claim, you are likely going to want to be sure you don’t forfeit any coverage you may have by failing to give notice when you’re required to.

Now, I don’t discount the possibility that Katie was at fault in the accident, but it never really looked that way. The only witness who gave a statement on the day said that Katie had the light, etc. The totality of the evidence left some room for argument, but that will be the case any time there’s a catastrophic car accident that doesn’t happen underneath an array of video cameras.

Now, I will admit that it is possible to bring your cost per mile down somewhat. That’s one of my own specialties , which is why I still keep a car of my own around for affordable family roadtrips. If you buy the right car for $5,000, you might be able to squeeze 100,000 miles out of it with no major repairs. In this case the car depreciation is 5 cents per mile.

Now, in the majority of cases, the difference of a day made little or no difference to the premium- after all, an annual policy is going to cover all 365 days, so even if certain days are more accident-prone than others, they’ll have to cover you sooner or later. However, Which!!!’s investigations did find several insurers where the one little day made a huge difference. Moving the date forward a day to 31 January knocked 121 off Nationwide’s premium, 115 off LV’s and 95 off Direct Line’s.

Now, representation is false when the facts do not correspond with the assertion. You have this Ng Gan Zee case where a person applied for a life insurance policy with a question: Have you ever applied for a life insurance policy or asked for the reinstatement of a lapse insurance policy and your application was denied? He said no. It turned out however, that there was one time where his policy lapsed and he applied for its reinstatement. Initially, his application was disapproved but eventually it was approved but with a higher premium. The court said that there was no misrepresentation because although initially the application for reinstatement was disapproved, it was eventually approved.


Now, Sec. 142 says that if the information relied upon is incorrect but abandonment was already made, renders the abandonment ineffectual. There was this case where oranges from Israel were shipped. Then the ship bumped a wharf, and the consignee of the cargo got information that the oranges were extensively damaged. He abandoned it but later on it was learned that the oranges were (naturally) ripening through the course of the voyage, prompting the captain to sell it. Ineffectual abandonment!

Nowadays one can find car insurance no upfront deposit policies on the internet. However, the main challenge is to find one that suits one’s budget. There are many people who are able to get what they want in terms of premium of car insurance policies by paying a huge deposit right at the time they are availing the plan. However, not everyone can afford to make such huge payments – otherwise companies with no deposit insurance plans may have had a hard time doing business. Coming back to people looking for these policies it is always better that specialist help is sought.

Nowadays you can get auto insurance policies without a driver’s license. Even though people might not think so it is actually possible to get one of these policies. The companies that are providing these services are not bothered about whether the buyer in question has a license or not. However, there are a few things that you need to know and keep in mind about auto insurance quotes no license. The chances of you getting one of these policies will depend on what age you are. You would be in a much better position if you were a teenager as far as these policies are concerned. We also offer shorter period car insurance. You can get weekly car insurance quote with best premium rates.

NSW Police Inspector Phil Brooks said drivers caught unregistered were fined $623 for using an unregistered vehicle, and another $623 for using an uninsured vehicle, tipping the fine to $1246 – more than four times the average green slip cost. A spokesman for the Roads and Maritime Service said motorists received information in the mail six weeks before their vehicle’s registration was due.

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