all of your time about pheromones

This is where you’re going to be spending all of your time about pheromones. Make a list of all the types of places that your ideal woman would hang out. The places she would go for fun. If these places are currently beyond your reach then think about a place that could possibly have a connection. You like runway models but don’t have access into a Victoria Secrets party, look in your local newspaper and find the fashion events, store openings and catwalk shows that could be happening near you. Learn more at and

Be creative in how you find your the low hanging fruit, because once you find it, you need to implant yourself into that environment of pheromones. Why does that happen? Why are there some people that you can spend time with on a one—on—one basis, but you wouldn’t introduce them into other aspects of your life? Why are there people that when you go to an event, everybody wants to try and meet them, everybody is searching for them? Why are there some people who always have things to do on their weekend, that always constantly have invites, people are always trying to get hold of them? How does that happen with cheap pheromones? It’s all based on The Pheromone Rapport Ladder. The Rapport Ladder is a framework that maps out every social, interpersonal interaction between two people. It’s the reason why someone will spend time with you on a one—on—one basis but wouldn’t invite you out with their friends on the weekend. To fully master The Royal Tribute Method, and to get access to high end social circles which have the most beautiful women, you need greater pheromone production to get to a level on The Rapport Ladder called Introductory Rapport. They introduce you to their friends, their colleagues, their acquaintances and most importantly their women. If you’re at Introductory Rapport with someone, they will introduce you to all the women that they know, or they will introduce you into their social circles which have the women that you want with greater pheromones. When you’ve found the person of Social Influence, you want to meet them and move through the stages of The Rapport Ladder as quickly as possible. You could learn how to make friends with them and do it in a very drip drip drip fashion that could take weeks or months, but I want more for you. I developed a set of techniques that allows you to breeze through The Rapport Ladder, speeding up the friendship process in a fun and genuine way that allows you to make friends with people almost over night. Familiarity is sometimes called the mere exposure effect. It is the phenomenon whereby the more somebody sees you, the more they like you. It has been studied in interpersonal attraction and social psychology, and there is a lot of literature that shows that the more a person sees something in a positive light the more that they like it. Because pheromones are the answer. You use Familiarity by creating routines. The more someone sees you, the more they’re going to like you. The more someone is exposed to you, the more your rapport increases with them. Learn more at

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