Aesthetic Outdoor Pergola Designs Must Be Functional

If your garden or backyard does not have the refreshing shade of trees that have grown, you can beat the heat and the humidity with structures that incorporate the best outdoor pergola designs.

A pergola can add a new dimension to any landscaping and provide you a great place for relaxing, entertaining and even dining. You can also have pergola designs that can be used to protect your plants that need shade or

even be used to support climbing vines that can add decoration to the pergola.

The design that you finally chose for your pergola can depend on your geographical location and ambient temperatures, personal preferences, the intended use of this covered outdoor space and other factors, that will give you a pergola that is functional and aesthetic.

A wooden pergola adds a touch of class to your outdoor space and you can use pine, redwood or teakwood for the structure. You can buy ready made kits for this or get in a contractor to build a pergola of your own design. You can also use other materials for your pergola. The location of the pergola can often be a deciding factor for its design. A western exposure will require you to have a design that has a trellis or other screens to block the sun, while a southern exposure may require you to pay more attention to the design of the roof so that you get shade.

Pergolas can be independent structures or attached to the home, which will then allow for ease of access. The basic design of a pergola requires attention to its foundation, its superstructure of columns and beams, and the infill that you use for covering the space between the columns and beams. You can even have outdoor pergola designs that are built over an existing deck. Most of these designs use trellis work to fill in the gaps between the columns and beams, and using these further to support climbing vines can greatly add to the soothing nature of these outdoor spaces.

Pergolas are often used to create a front porch over entrance doors to create inviting and innovative additions to the front of a home. It is necessary that you ensure that you have all necessary permissions in place if these are necessary. Ensure that the design you choose also fits in with the architectural features of your home so that it looks like a natural part of the building.

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